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Posted By: alok_shrii | July 8, 2019, 4:01 p.m.

GUEST BLOGGING – Why Guest Blogging is Important?

Guest Blogging or guest blog posting is the best technique to boost your career and explore your writing skills. It is the best way to represent you as a brand name & Intact with number of people with same community of writer’s and bloggers. It also increase traffic on your blog through the back-links, and is really benefit your online presence with search engine optimization (SEO) technique.

In this article I will explain & elaborate on Guest blogging, Guest posting, and Importance of Guest posting in the digital world. I will also include, how to approach for guest blogging?, how you can increase traffic and get lots of permanent audience or readers?, and where you can do Guest Blogging etc.

What is Guest Blogging?

A simple question with a simple answer…

Bloggers are offering to write the blog posts for their blogging websites. Also Blogging portals ask the writers to write an article or share their thoughts on particular industry, module, category or a single topic for them.

But why they do that? Are they fools? Why the writers are not writing for own blogs?

No, they are not fools. This is really a much smarter work for both, the writers and the bloggers. The blogging website is a part to increase income for both not for one of them. Bu how? Let’s read my complete article…

Why Guest Blogging is Important?
Guest Blogging is beneficial for both, the blogger and the publisher. Blogger can get users from famous blogs, who write yours post and likely they will come to your own blogs to read your post. This way you will definitely make a circle of readers who likes you. You can also earn by writing for those users, if they want some content from your side.

When you write an article for any blog you will give your readers an option to share this to your social groups. This will help you to rank better in Google search results.

Branding with Guest Blogging 
Guest Blogging on websites or blogs is the best way to increase your exposure & make you a Brand.  Find high ranking and popular websites or blogs that are relevant to your business and request them to add a guest article of you on their site. When your blog post is published, new visitors will be exposed to your business. This gets your name highlighted to a new audience and helps you to evolve as a brand and boost your business. It doesn’t matter on which site you post a guest blog, either on a website, a blog or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Putting your knowledge in writing serves as advertising for you and your business.

Increase your Personal Network
It’s really difficult to connect with influencer’s to show our skills. But with guest post blogging, the process is now become easy & simple. Only you need to know how to approach for profits what you deserve.

For example, some websites only take the post according to its community so you can write for them according to the criteria, and you can earn very good reader and audience related to that community. Some of the websites offer you back-links and business relationships too for more engagement.

You just need to do is be active in the community. Leave comments, share other posts, or cold-email your prospects. If possible, you can even invite influencer’s as contributors to your own blog that is also a great way.


Guest blogging is a perfect way to put your ideas in writing.  When a site publishes your blog post, you begin to build a portfolio of articles; you may even get comments that inspire new ideas for things to write about or services to provide. Also you got comments how you can improve your writing and lot of community member helps you to write more effective content.

How to Make a Plan & Research for Blog Content...


Guest blogging requires every area of content marketing to be famous & successful. It requires you to do content research, to adopt the right voice for a particular audience, perform influencer outreach& understanding, and so on.

Remember, the best way to learn content marketing tactics is to deploy them yourself according to the need and that you can get from your community. You can’t just read about them, follow everything to the letter, and hope for the best.

By launching your own Guest Blogging campaign, you’re positioning to yourself for growth in every facet of content marketing and social media promotions.


An important aspect of guest blogging is to increase in traffic to your website.  When you write a guest blog post, be sure to ask for a link to your website in exchange.  This link will send quality traffic to your website after someone reads your blog post.  An increase in website traffic means more people are coming to your website to learn about your skills by this way you can earn more people for your services. Guest Blogging is a great means for exposure. Email a related site and ask to contribute an article or blog post. In return for writing an article, be sure to request a direct link back to your website. This way you will get quality user as subscriber in your own blog post.

As you post and other blog post and receive back-links and search engine will looks you presence your domain authority increase by getting back-links from high domain authority websites, finally you will defiantly increase your website raking by this way.


Guest blogging will helps to get subscriber for your own blogs as you write great content and write on best or high ranking websites where lot of audience is present so they will definitely fins you and search you and if they like then will subscribe you.

Article will be shared by user’s that will help you get more follower from social media and you can also share the article to expose your writing this way the user will increase for both and help each other.

With Guest Blogging you’re going to expand yourself you services and writing skills, if you are selling something’s then you can increase your sells with Guest blogging.

Like you love to writing and want more writing jobs you can get the user and writing jobs as well to write for their products and take nice price for that article, Also for sharing blogs on your website too you can get offers while you are getting lot of audience too,. These are the extra benefits as you can receive.


To be successful as a guest blogger, you must write great content that is high quality and targeted to users as you are expert. The quality of your article is determined by several criteria:

  • Does your subject matter expertise show in your writing?
  • Is your writing skills is free of grammatical errors and typos?
  • Does your article include links to reliable sources on the topic of your post?
  • Do your guest posts receive likes, shares, or comments (all is to show your writing skills)?

Always include your name in your post & ask for reading others blogs too. If the site where you are posting allows it, include a brief targeted bio and a link to your blog that will be great help.


Unless you are already famous, you should start small working. If you are not well known in your industry, high ranking sites won’t jump at your offer to write an unsolicited post for them so they like you and your post.

  • Identify your niche and stay in it.
  • Fill your own blog with high-quality content and long articles.
  • Focus on identifying blogs that have good reputations in your industry and try to initiate them.
  • Find similar blogs & website by searching for your niche title and the terms “guest submission” or “submit post.”

Contact blogs or website for which you are interested in writing a guest post and explain your interest clearly. Mention your niche or area of expertise, the topic you’d like to write about, and any related experience and skills but make sure first that is best for you or not. Give the sites the link to your own blog, the other blog owners will visit your blog to evaluate your writing skills, ability and subject expertise before considering accepting your offer to serve as a guest blogger.


There are lot of website they are offering Guest Blogging on their Blogs so you have just need to follow the instruction and write great content according to your niche and offer them i am sharing here for few of them and you can go the link to get more and more website lists you have to visits the sites and contact me through the contact-form or also they have Guest Post submitting forms available:

  1. Influentialnews
  2. Shoutmeloud
  3. Forbes
  4. Mashable
  5. Fast Company

For more guest blogging sites click here...

My Finals Words – If you are not doing guest blogging then start now that will really help you and give you a boost on career that’s my promise. Read my post, like & subscribe my website and share my content – Don’t forget to comment below to help me for good writing as well.